Bonnier is an outdoor adventure company that fuels passion for fishing, boating, sailing, motorsports, hunting and travel, with the nation's leading portfolio of experiential events and iconic media brands.

Drew Townes

Executive Producer, SFTV Fishing and hunting have been passions of mine my entire life. Bonnier gives me the opportunity to connect to those pursuits every day with a team of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts.

John McEver

Publisher and Brand Manager, Boating I’ve been with Bonnier for 37 years. From the time I started, I wake up in the morning and look forward to every day. I love the experience. It's not a job – it’s an adventure.
Jen Dudas

Jen Dudas

Associate Tournament Director, Events Group My whole life I have been surrounded by water – boating, fishing, scuba diving, and swimming. I think saltwater runs through my veins! Running fishing tournaments, you get to see people doing what they love with friends and family. I have been fortunate to have traveled to some of the best and most beautiful fishing destinations around the world. Running Marlin Expeditions allows me to help people develop and grow their love of fishing. And I love that. It’s rewarding to see my former students competing and doing well in sportfishing tournaments.

Nate Matthews

Editor-in-Chief, Salt Water Sportsman The opportunity to expand the relevance of Salt Water Sportsman is truly a career-defining role. As a lifelong angler who lives on Long Island, I have a deep appreciation and respect for the many industry legends who have led this iconic brand since its inception in 1939. I look forward to building on that legacy for years to come.

Kelly Kramer Weekley

Production Director Bonnier has always been a fun place to be. I've learned to dive, fish and think outside the box. I’ve become a seasoned professional while making lifelong friends at work, and raising a family outside of work. Work life balance just happens here, and I love it.

Brandon Censky

Sales Director, Open Season Sportsman's Expo The outdoors has consumed my life for as long as I can remember. My wife would tell you it is all I think about, and she would be right. I’m lucky to be able to bring my passion for the outdoors and incorporate it into my work every day.

Jeff Williams

Digital Producer Working at Bonnier has given me both growth in my knowledge of the digital world, as well as the many interests outside of my comfort zone in the real world. From motorcycles to catamarans, from the Caribbean to Macau.

Cindy Martin

Copy Chief Upon joining the Bonnier family in 2008, I discovered a place that values hard work while also understanding the need to relax and recharge. Bonnier's incredible work-life balance allows me time to decompress and just plain have fun at my favorite home away from home: Orlando-area theme parks.

Franki Giordano

Marketing Director I’ve always loved the water, but it wasn’t until I started working at Bonnier that I was introduced to what I love most about it: what lies below the surface. Bonnier and the incredible people that work here encourage each other to explore more of the things that inspire them. They make days out on the water more fun – and more meaningful.

Sam White

Editor-in-Chief, Marlin I’ve been fortunate to fish all over the world, run tournaments in exotic locales, meet and work with some truly amazing people, and really enjoy what I do for a living - every step of the way.

Pete McDonald

Executive Editor, Boating Every fall, the Boating team heads to Indiana for a week of testing boats for our annual buyers guide. Sometimes, builders leave boat at the docks overnight. And that’s how I learned to wakeboard. This was first time I ever dropped the rope and I couldn't believe I was surfing in Syracuse, Indiana, on a lake in the middle of a bunch of cornfields.

Natasha Lloyd

Publisher, Marlin Twenty-five years ago, I took the leap to Marlin. This gem of a brand exposed me to the thrill of the catch and the world of big game fishing. Here is my awesome sailfish from Guatemala - it took me 23 years to get there, but I did it!

Dave Reed

Editor-in-Chief, Sailing World Stick a kid in a tiny sailboat—alone—and then challenge him to sail across the whitecapped bay to what seems a foreign shore. Then challenge him to do it as fast as he can. That kid was me, and it was this moment, at age 8, when I won my first sailboat race. Today, that passion has connected me with amazing places and unique characters and champions who, like me, are motivated by the challenge.

Ashley Burns

Editor-in-Chief, Islands Growing up, I never traveled much. Now with the opportunity to visit so many of the world’s most amazing destinations, I vowed to not only introduce my son to the adventure of travel, but also impart to him the knowledge and appreciation of other cultures.

Bill Simkins

Marketplace Sales Representative, Fishing Group I started learning to swim around 6 months old and my passion for anything on the water has grown from there. Working at Bonnier has allowed me to pursue acareer that involves my love of being on the water, whether I am hooked up to a fish flying through the air behind the boat or hooked up behind the boat myself flying through the air as in the hoochie glide picture above.

Parker Stair

Associate Publisher, Cruising World and Sailing World If it slides, rolls or planes, I’m all about it. Waterskiing, boating, sailing, motorcycles – you name it. What started over 40 years ago still holds my passion for getting outdoors and letting it rip, no matter the season.

Andrew Parkinson

Editor-in-Chief, Cruising World Nothing compares to the childlike exuberance I feel every time I head out the cut on a new adventure, able to steer any heading I choose. That’s what this cruising life is all about, and that’s what ultimately landed me here at Bonnier.

Kevin Falvey

Editorial Director, Boat Group Boating provides me with an opportunity to spend time my daughters like no other activity can. Sure we do other things: sports, music, Girl Scouts. But none of these provide the truly unique experiences that happen aboard a boat.

Jim Hendricks

West Coast Editor, Boating and Fishing In a sense, my career started at age five on my first fishing trip. I caught a five-pound bonito, and afterward was bursting to share my story with anyone who stopped to listen. That trip ignited a lifelong passion for the water, and that passion turned into a profession.

Rhonda Mock

Associate Publisher, Boating Our family vacations were always spent at the lake. I can remember wanting to waterski so bad that I first started by standing on my dad's skis. My love of the water has been a big part of my 20-year career at Bonnier. I've developed long-term friendships with my clients and many are like family.

Scott Salyers

Group Publisher, Fish Group It really doesn’t matter if I’m pursuing bonefish, sailfish or even a peacock bass in a local canal. It’s the camaraderie that keeps me coming back. My passion for the sport extends beyond my own experiences as I enjoy advocating for access and the future of sustainable fishing for all.
Ron Martin

Ron Martin

Senior Account Manager, Yachting It’s hard for me to zero in on just one thing I’m passionate about. I’m into sportscar racing, sailing, chartering in the Caribbean, backpacking, beaches, good rum, guitar, drums and about 20 other things.

Ryan Swanson

Art Director, Boating At Bonnier, I've found much more than a work environment. I've found family. Family who have encouraged and strengthened me to better myself as a creator and a liver of life.

Dave Weaver

Creative Director My drive lies in creating great publications that take the reader deeper into their passions, which has taken me to amazing places with amazing people. Bonnier celebrates not only the passions of their audiences, but of their employees as well.

Victor Tan

Associate Editor, Yachting In my time with Bonnier, I've been exposed to so many new experiences, helping me advance my career and realize my life goals.

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