Bonnier is an outdoor adventure company that fuels passion for big-game fishing, hunting and motorsports, thanks to its market leading portfolio of experiential events and iconic media brands.

Jen Dudas

Jen Dudas

Tournament Director, Marlin Group My whole life I have been surrounded by water – boating, fishing, scuba diving, and swimming. I think saltwater runs through my veins! Running fishing tournaments, you get to see people doing what they love with friends and family. I have been fortunate to have traveled to some of the best and most beautiful fishing destinations around the world. Running Marlin Expeditions allows me to help people develop and grow their love of fishing. And I love that. It’s rewarding to see my former students competing and doing well in sportfishing tournaments.

Brandon Censky

Sales Director, Open Season Sportsman's Expo The outdoors has consumed my life for as long as I can remember. My wife would tell you it is all I think about, and she would be right. I’m lucky to be able to bring my passion for the outdoors and incorporate it into my work every day.
A woman pulls a large sailfish boatside.

Lacey Hagler

Assoc. Tournament Director, Marlin Group Fishing, boating and diving have been my family’s source of fresh air and adventure for generations. I’m thankful for the privilege to witness the elation and comradery our participants experience with their own family and friends throughout the billfish tournaments we run.
Dan Stewart

Dan Stewart

General Manager, World Entertainment Services I began my career as a professional water skier with Sea World and still have a passion for the sport, after 44 years in the field of athletic entertainment. Over the years Bonnier has provided and managed acrobatic performers at many theme parks shows across the country, and I’m glad to have been a part of bringing joy to so many thousands of faces during that time.
Cameron Rhodes stands in front of a green foliage backdrop.

Cameron Rhodes

Editor-at-Large, Marlin I’ve always loved telling stories, and to me, the most compelling ones are often born from outdoor experiences, whether in the field or on the water. Through my work as a photographer and writer with Marlin, I’ve been fortunate to help share the countless inspiring, harrowing and often comedic experiences of the vibrant people, places, and traditions that serve as critical cornerstones within sport fishing culture. It’s quite a ride, and I’m honored be part of this briny and wild community.
Andrea Winters at the helm of a sport-fishing boat.

Andrea Winters

Marketing Director, Marlin Group Working in the sportfishing industry has never been a job for me. It is a lifestyle and a life-long passion that chose me well before I chose it. I grew up immersed in and around the people and vessels that sparked many dreams that are now coming true as I join the Marlin team.
Kristie Leader

Kristie Leader

Director of Marketing, Motorsports and Outdoor I absolutely love creating opportunities for people to connect with the things they're most passionate about. Motorsports has allowed me to create those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for people, which has brought me so much joy!
Kendall Pasley holding a ski board next to a runabout boat.

Kendall Pasley

Digital Campaign Manager Growing up, my deep connection with the water has always been a constant source of joy. From surfing the waves in Hawaii to wakeboarding in Florida, the call of the water has never failed to captivate me. It is a true privilege to merge my lifelong passion with my professional journey as a member of the Marlin team.
A woman in sunglasses and cap overlooks a bay fillwed with sportfishing boats.

Kat Haack

Sponsor Relations, Marlin Group I've been fortunate to have lived on the water for most of my life and I enjoy all kinds of water activities, along with travel. I have been in the event business for almost 30 years and I truly love's exciting, challenging and always changing. I've been with Bonnier 20 years and it has given me the opportunity to do what I am passionate about, alongside an amazing team of like-minded, hard-working individuals that I am lucky enough to call friends.
Photo of a bearded man wearing glasses in front of a clear blue sky and tree foliage.

Corey Hillman

Digital Producer Growing up on the Gulf, I'm no stranger to weekends full of camping and fishing and summers spent on the sandy shores of the Florida Panhandle. At Bonnier, I get the opportunity to live that thrill day-to-day, connecting people with their passion for the outdoors and open waters no matter when they feel that itch for adventure.
Jack Vitek in the fighting chair with a fishing rod during a fish fight.

Jack Vitek

Editor-in-Chief, Marlin For more than 40 years, Marlin has been the ­definitive voice of big-game angling and synonymous with excellence. I’m honored, humbled and excited to join the talented team at The Marlin Group, where we will work to raise the bar on Marlin’s tradition of excellence as we promote the lifestyle, culture and passion of big-game angling.
Capt. Jen Copeland pulling a large sailfish boatside with the help of a crewmate.

Capt. Jen Copeland

Director, Marlin Expeditions My passion lies in teaching the fine art of angling and fostering connections among offshore fishing enthusiasts. Fishing isn't just a sport for me; it's the foundation for a unique brotherhood that I cherish, and I couldn't be more pleased with a career that allows me to do what I love.
Dave Morel pulling a white marlin boatside.

Dave Morel

Sales Director, Marlin Group Fishing has been a huge part of my life since I was old enough to cast a rod in a small boat with my dad. Once I got the taste of catching bigger game fish, saltwater fishing became my passion and being a part of an iconic brand like Marlin is an absolute thrill and honor!
Melissa DeMonaco

Melissa DeMonaco

Account Executive, Motorsports I've been a lover of all-things outdoors ever since I was a Girl Scout. My passions are travel, biking, swimming laps, snorkeling, anything Peloton, and my new found love for pickleball. The hubs and I are California transplants now living by the water in Beaufort, South Carolina.
A man leaning against a vintage car.

Kyle Cunningham

Features Manager, Moto & Outdoor Group Since I was a kid, I have had an unyielding passion for anything with wheels and by joining the Bonnier team I have combined my passion and career into one!