Innovative Media Approach. Global Family Legacy.

Bonnier Corp. is an American multichannel media, events, and professional services company. Iconic, enthusiast, brands include Yachting, Flying, Sailing World, and Salt Water Sportsman. Bonnier Corp. also operates Bonnier Events, a full-service promotion and live experiences group, and Working Mother Media, a champion of diversity, equity and inclusion that drives culture change. Bonnier Corp. is owned by Sweden-based Bonnier AB, a globally operating media conglomerate.

Commitment of a Family Company

Our company was formed when global publishing powerhouse Bonnier AB purchased 18 magazines from Time Inc. and combined those assets with its U.S. magazine partner, World Publications, creating a new company, and Bonnier AB’s largest footprint in the U.S., in March 2007. Fast forward to today and Bonnier Corp. remains a leading player in the enthusiast media space and has grown to include a robust full-scale events division, and a consulting firm that specializes in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Bonnier AB is a multichannel media conglomerate with a full range of global media operations. Based in Sweden, the company is wholly owned by the Bonnier family, whose values include a passion for media and the growth of its various business units through operational independence and freedom. For more than than 200 years, Bonnier AB has promoted high-quality media products while collaborating closely with authors, journalists and publishers, all with the goal of making a more interesting, entertaining, and well-informed society.

Redefining What a Media Company Can Be

We deliver best-in-class editorial content, events, products and services across all media platforms. That is our commitment to our audiences and our partners. A passion for the industries we serve is our shared bond as employees at Bonnier Corp. Our culture and core values offer employees the freedom to grow, innovate and create, and that is what gives us an edge in today’s dynamic media environment.


To constantly reinvent the creation, distribution and refinement of the best content, media products and services available while staying true to the core DNA of our portfolio of iconic American brands, our audiences and the markets we serve.


We believe the future of our brands lies in the power of the individual. Fostering creative minds, supporting an entrepreneurial spirit and allowing the freedom to innovate are at the core of delivering on our corporate mission.


To constantly challenge and recreate the definition of what a media company can become; to offer multichannel solutions that continuously engage our audiences on all platforms and connect our clients with our markets.