New York, NY — “The Tiny Issue” of Popular Science is on newsstands now. A celebration of all things tiny, the new issue features a map of bodily microbes, DNA helixes, cheese-making bacteria, a look at America’s strangest (and smallest) killers, ant farms for any skill level, a guide to fitting a complete campsite into one backpack, tips for mastering mini golf, as well as captivating features on the tiniest things among us.

The Incredible! Shrinking! Airplane!

Jets are getting bigger, yet, inch by inch, our personal space dwindles. How the %*#+ does that work? Popular Science explores how airlines are packing in passengers, from strategies such as creating risers to fit in more seats, creating honeycomb rows, saddle seats, and even bunks.

Shamu Dreams of Europa

A feature and explanation of the cutting-edge, digital holographic microscope that could look for life on Jupiter’s moon. Among its most dynamic features is the ability to generate 3D movies that provide compelling evidence of the microorganisms alive and stirring in space.

The Winding, Heated, and Absurdly Technical Oral History of the Ginger Emoji

In November 2014, a tech-industry consortium announced a new set of emoji that would diversify the physical appearance of the pictograms. We follow the complicated genesis of the ginger emoji from conception to proposal to execution, and what this means for the tech industry as a whole.

Focus on the Details: A Hyperclose Look at Our Magnificent Creepy-Crawly Neighbors

A special-edition six-page collector’s poster that looks at some of the most magnificent insects on our planet. On display: the mantis-fly and the splendid-necked dung beetle, captured by renowned photographer Levon Biss.

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