“Somehow, though, natural threats aren’t enough for us: We actively quest for dangerous situations—seeking out that choice adrenaline buzz. We humans—the ones behind this magazine, anyway—sure are fascinated by it. So we decided to go long on danger: more than 100 pages designed to get your blood pumping. Enjoy!” —Editor-in-Chief, Popular Science, Joe Brown

Food Fatale

Did you know that studies suggest that three-quarters of ketogenic dieters develop GI problems? Or that your paleo-eating friends increase their risk of colon cancer by 17 percent for every 3.5 ounces of red meat consumed per day? Food Fatale is an in-depth analysis of five popular yet drastic food trends that can throw our body out of whack. Raw, ketogenic, Whole 30, paleo and vegan diets can all seem like great ideas, but each comes with its own risks, including: heart issues, frail bones, digestion issues, fluctuating hormones, and more. Don’t miss: the best ways to “eat bad good” and the side effects of quick-fix fad diets.

The Chemical Weapons Detectives

As toxic substances are getting harder to trace, PopSci spoke to the elite chemists helping to ID the perps of the four major categories of chemical weapons. Special features include: a detailed breakdown of the four major categories of chemical weapons and a history of chemical warfare.

Built to Outlast

As climate change intensifies, architects, designers, and scientists are devising better ways to withstand almost anything nature throws at us. Explore tornado-resistant houses, self-healing concrete, living breakwaters, microgrids, and more to see how people are trying to stand up to future storms.

PLUS: A Conversation with Skype Co-Founder Jaan Tallinn; 78 Ways to Die; Head-Tripping Puzzles; Venoms That Kill—and Cure; Can We Predict Flu Outbreaks; and More!


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