“From A (hunting axis deer in Hawaii) to Z (duping trout on Zonkers and Zug bugs), this issue is loaded with tips to help you have a blast all season. The only downside I can think of to having this much fun—if there is one—is that it’ll make summer go by faster than it already does.” —Colin Kearns, Editor-in-Chief


When summer nights are at their muggiest and buggiest, two longtime friends launch their canoe, turn on their headlamps, and start hauling in frogs. Field & Stream traveled to upstate New York for a master class in night-frogging—in a canoe named Frogzilla. The Frog Kings—Tim Reed and Rodney Smith—share their tips and three preferred techniques for plucking meaty frogs from lily pads and skunk cabbage in the darkness of night.


Being a party-boat captain can be challenging, rewarding, and exhausting (sometimes all at once). From hillbillies falling overboard to bridal-party showdowns, from disgruntled passengers to someone’s first big catch, hear tales from four skippers about the pitfalls and pleasures of captaining a party boat.


Many anglers modify their baits and rigs in pursuit of a leg up on the fish and fellow anglers. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger group of anglers who spend time tinkering than professional bass anglers. Field & Stream spoke with Teckel Sprinker, Michael Neal, John Crews, and Larry Nixon to get their best—yet simple and inexpensive—tinkering tactics, and lure and rig modifications, to help you stick more bass and make you more efficient.


When most of us think about the Rut, we think about those glorious few fall months. But in Florida, those rut-hunts start in July and run through February; and while a longer season might sound great, South Florida’s summer season is often overshadowed by the challenging elements.  “We were living out a story that we all knew we’d laugh about later: the best, most miserable deer hunt ever,” contributor Michael Shea says. Hear why amid washouts, stifling temperatures, brutal swarms of bugs, and more, a summer hunt in the whitetail jungle is totally worth it. 

PLUS Fun Things to Do with Kids Close to Home; Panfish Risotto; Best Hunting Gear of the Year; Beer-Bathed-Bratwurst; Hunting Ducks in New Zealand; Exploding Targets; and More.