You don’t become one of the top earners on the professional bass circuit by accident (or by making poor choices with your tackle). So, when all the money is on the line, what do the pros turn to? Keith Combs, Skeet Reese, Larry Nixon, Jordan Lee, Mark Menendez, John Crews, and Steve Kennedy explain their go-to lure choices and signature fishing tricks to walk away with the cash. Who prefers the 6-inch curly-tailed worm? Who preaches depth control to find spinnerbait success? And what does it cost to be a bass pro? Find all this and more in this in-depth feature.



In 1914, World War I was just beginning, and Clyde Roberts turned 1. In 2018, 105-year-old Clyde Roberts takes two bucks during the fall deer season. Sure, he might not be stacking them up like he did when he was 100, when he took three whitetail bucks and two does in a single season, but that’s not stopping him from hunting every fall. Field & Stream traveled to Evington, Virginia, to spend some time with America’s oldest hunter.



Eighteen Northeastern, Midwestern, and Southeastern states currently list the ruffed grouse as a “species of greatest conservation need.” Last year, Indiana listed the ruffed grouse as endangered. It’s time to face the fact that one of the country’s most celebrated gamebirds is in trouble—and it’s time for hunters to do something about it. Shotguns Editor Phil Bourjaily explains the reasons for the decline and what we can do about it.



“The turkey fever is bad this time of year,” she said with a smile, and handed a pair of admittance slips across her desk to us. “Now get your butts to class.” On April 18, 2001, two high school seniors cut class for what looked like the perfect day for a first turkey tag—unfortunately, the gobblers didn’t cooperate that year. Hunting Editor Will Brantley and his buddy head to Texas to fill a tag that’s been 18 years in the making. This special feature also includes The Turkey Hunter’s Guide to Skipping School.


PLUS Corned Wild Turkey Breast; 2019 Gobbler Gear Guide; Restoration Pieces; The Ultimate PRS Rifle; and More!