Stories, know-how, and seasonal recipes from the people who farm the world’s food

The Shepherds and Their Flock
Writer Kate Morgan travels to southwestern Pennsylvania where coal mining once loomed large, and where the soil, grass, and topography aren’t good for many things, but they’re perfect for sheep. Saving the coal-blighted economy of Appalachia might mean a return to the sheep-farming industry the region was once known for.

The Island of Forgotten Orchards
Nestled within a mild, sunny microclimate off the coast of Washington, Orcas Island was once covered with thriving orchards, many of which went long-abandoned. Beth Graham meets Audra Lawlor, a woman on a mission to save the legacy fruit trees and jar their bounty.

The Olive Detective
Italian olive-oil-maker Sergio Gozzaglio has revived forgotten olive varieties and sharpened his tree-pruning skills to award-winning status, all in pursuit of an oil that simply meets his standards. Taras Grescoe discovers how this master pruner and olive obsessive is making some of Italy’s greatest oil with long-lost varieties.


Where the Wild Rice Grows
On the lakes of far northern Minnesota, Saveur contributor Amy Thielen witnesses a celebration of history and tradition: the annual wild-rice harvest of the Ojibwe tribe. The wild rice is harvested by canoe and dried over fire—and it’s nothing like the stuff you find in grocery stores. To the Ojibwe people it sustains, it’s something that can’t be owned and must never be lost.

Tall Order
In the heart of China’s Sichuan province, young bamboo shoots are the foundation of the region’s favorite soups and stir-fries, but harvesting and cooking the seasonal roots and shoots takes timing, commitment, and know-how. Katherine Whittaker travels to Shunan Zhuhai National Park to report.

PLUS: Parisian sorbet; Japanese tempura; sour cherry pie; two ways to cook jerk; summer produce market report; and more!