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Your Wildest Dreams Quit wishing and start planning. Field & Stream asked readers to pick the best big-game hunts in North America that the average hunter can actually pull off. From Canada Moose to monster desert muleys, here are 20 ways to plan your greatest outdoor adventure ever. This isn’t another list of cheap do-it-yourself hunts (though some are easily taken on your own). Nor is it a roundup of expensive outfitters. These trips are chosen for value. Page 38

Plus: Everything you’ll need for the trip in Field & Stream’s extensive Adventurer’s Tool Kit. Page 44

Find Your Calling You can make noise on a call. A quack. A honk. A cluck. Like most hunters, you’re just skilled enough to earn a glance from some passing ducks and geese. But also like most waterfowlers, you’ve probably never put in the time to truly master the art. Here’s how to improve your routine with the advanced duck and goose sounds that’ll keep birds pouring into your spread all season. Page 50

Adventures in Squirrel Country This isn’t a warm-up. And this isn’t grandpa and tyke waiting against a tree stump. This is boat-sneaking, handgun-toting, hardwoods-creeping, 100-yard shooting squirrel madness. And it’s some of the most fun you’ll have this fall. Field & Stream’s editors have identified three tactics that will have you scooping squirrels in no time. Page 59

True North As Maine’s iconic sporting camps struggle to fill bunks, Field & Stream’s Editor-at-Large T. Edward Nickens visited several of them last fall to get a clearer picture of their modern-day trials and triumphs—and to chase some grouse in the legendary North Woods. Page 66

Season’s Eatings During this transitional time of year, it’s not uncommon for one day of lights-out action to be followed by a total skunking. The solution? Ditch the plastic and go all in with live bait. From muskies to browns, these four live-bait rigs are guaranteed to get mouths open when every hard bait produces nothing but hard luck. Page 20

Overnight Flight The annual woodcock flight arrives this month—be ready when the October uplands suddenly team with these timberdoodles. When you find one woodcock, there are usually more. Here’s your guide to guns, chokes, footwear, and how to hit the little knuckleballs, straight from the brush of Wisconsin. Page 30

Field Test: Centerfire Shootout 2017 Field & Stream shot 20 new rifles for four days from 10 to 500 yards to determine the best new tackdrivers of the year. From sporting rifles to MSRs to long-range tactical rifles, here’s how they shook out: from shooter interface to accuracy to appearance. Page 74