New York, N.Y. — Jacob Ward has been named Editor-in-Chief of Popular Science. Bonnier’s Technology Group VP and Group Publisher Steven Grune announced Ward’s promotion.


Ward joined Popular Science in 2006 as Deputy Editor, and spent five years leading the magazine’s editorial operations in New York. In 2010 Ward opened a new office for the magazine in San Francisco, and was named West Coast Bureau Chief. There, in addition to his duties as an editor, he built new products for the brand, including a crowdsourced-innovation pavilion through InnoCentive on, a curated technology showcase in New York, and several education initiatives centered on science, technology, engineering and math.


In his new role, Ward will split his time between the Popular Science offices in New York and San Francisco.


“Jake Ward is the perfect choice to lead Popular Science into the future,” said Grune. “During his time with the magazine, he has elevated the brand’s stature in the consumer and advertising marketplace, and he embodies the technology savvy qualities that our audience values. Jake is “The Future Now” and will successfully move the brand into the next generation.”


Ward began his career as a staff writer at The Industry Standard. He went on to be an editor at Architecture, managing editor at ReadyMade magazine, and senior editor at Men’s Journal. Ward has written about technology and science for magazines including Wired and The New Yorker. He has also hosted television programs for the Discovery Channel, PBS and National Geographic Television, and is a regular science and technology commentator for the BBC.


“This isn’t just an opportunity — it’s the chance of a lifetime,” Ward said. “Popular Science represents the best qualities of the modern age: intellectual curiosity, the urge to tear things apart and build them again, the democratization of science and technology, the conviction that science and technology can improve the world. To lead a brand that has represented those qualities for over 140 years, publishing articles by Darwin, Louis Pasteur, Isaac Asimov — it’s the proudest day of my career.”


Ward, 37, is a Connecticut native, and grew up in New Haven and Seattle. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Wesleyan University.


Ward replaces longtime Editorial Director Mark Jannot, who has joined RDA Milwaukee, a division of Readers’ Digest Association, as Chief Content Officer.


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