The Rum Runner (page 52)
The rum industry is dominated by bland industrial production, sugary additives, and cartoon pirates, but in some corners of the Caribbean, artisanal traditions and great rum are surviving. Saveur senior editor Chris Cohen travels to Martinique where he meets Ed Hamilton, a single-minded reformed sailboat bum who imports some of the very best bottles.

One-Hundred Years of Oysters (page 60)
After a century, New Orleans restaurant Casamento’s is still turning out its famous fried oyster loaf and flawless seafood. C. Morgan Babst visits her hometown institution to discover the secret to its permanence.

The Lost Cheeses of Georgia (page 68)
This nation’s unique food culture was flattened by centuries of invasion and occupation. But in mountain villages and remote valleys, traditional cheese making endures. Writer David Farley travels to Georgia to uncover its age-old cheese traditions.

Fish Food (page 76)
When Portland-based chef Elias Cairo rounds up friends to go fly-fishing on Oregon’s Grande Ronde River in the region’s Wallowa Mountains, they don’t exactly rough it (think grilled trout with lemon and fennel, and nectarine and huckleberry pie). Meredith Erickson tags along to discover the ways of sustainable fishing in the Pacific Northwest.

Searching for Erkuai (page 84)
Almost unheard of outside of China, erkuai—Yunnan’s traditional chewy rice cakes and their many variations—lures writer Georgia Freedman back to the province on a fact-finding mission.

Around the Injera (page 92)
After 56 days of Lenten fasting, eating only vegetables and grains, Ethiopians celebrate Easter with an epic meat-filled feast. Jeff Koehler journeys to Addis Ababa to experience the country’s most anticipated meal of the year where he dines on stewed lamb, chicken, and raw spiced beef.

PLUS: Homemade chile pepper water; Cantonese wonton noodle soup; a rice Tahdig primer; Sardinian flatbreads; the ultimate banh mi formula; and more!