It has come to our attention that numerous job listings, posted as opportunities with Bonnier Corporation, were created by a fraudulent party using a fake Bonnier Corporation email address.

You may have seen or applied for these jobs on sites such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Indeed. Unfortunately, these listings are part of a scam targeting applicants’ personally identifiable information.

Information from the FBI about this scam is available at

If you have recently interviewed/communicated/applied or are currently applying for any positions, please note that they are NOT real positions with Bonnier Corporation and do not share any personal information.

If you have submitted any personal information in response to these fraudulent listings, your information may have been compromised. Please visit to file a report with the FBI’s Internet Crimes department.

Fraudulent job listings — including but not limited to those for a Digital Advertising Manager, Editorial Assistant, and Videographer  — were published on the following websites and potentially others:

-Facebook Jobs

If you are suspicious of an email that you may have received from Bonnier Corporation, please use to verify the sender or review the mail header information following the steps outlined here.

Please note that Bonnier Corporation is not recruiting at this time and has no open positions posted.