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Go Public You don’t need to buy land. You don’t need to grow your own trophies. Follow this system from Minnesota bowhunting expert Tony Peterson, and you can find quality bucks and big adventure on land open to anyone—plus that sense of satisfaction that you can’t get anywhere else. Field & Stream has a simple 10-step plan for a successful whitetail bowhunt, 100 percent on public lands. Page 41

The Bear At Last Light After an unsuccessful week at black bear camp during the spring season, Field & Stream’s Editor in Chief Colin Kearns returns to Manitoba the following fall for one more crack at filling his tag. Kearns battles howling winds, residual doubts carrying over from the previous trip, and slow-to-move bears on his second trip to the Canadian wilderness. Page 49

Young Blood To see the stats, hunting’s future looks bleak. The next generation of outdoorsmen and women had better be passionate, because there won’t be as many of them to carry the torch. Early experiences in the woods are critical to the future of hunting—here’s how to make the most of them, from making sure they’re the right age, to great guns for young people, and more. Page 54

The Locals Every September in North Carolina, a super-tight group of hunting buddies devotes every free second they have to scouting, chasing, and shooting birds that a lot of hunters couldn’t care less about—resident Canada geese. All the effort and passion pays off: over the last eight years, the group has averaged 250 geese a season. Page 60

The Wild Chef: Black & Blue Chili Bowl of red, meet bowl of black. This deep, dark chili gets its richness from bear meat, its kick from roasted ancho chiles and chipotle peppers, and its faint hint of sweetness from unexpected (and bear-approved) wild blueberries. Top with a dollop of sour cream for some wild contrast, and match the color of your beer to the color of the chili (dark!) for a hearty pairing. Page 24

Five Reasons You Missed That Dove You emptied your gun at it, and the bird never missed a wingbeat. It’s history—and those who fail to learn from it are doomed to repeat it. Now is not the time to hector you about how you should have practiced all summer, it’s time for some quick advice. Here are five reasons you missed the last bird, and five solutions to help you hit the next. Page 34

Field Test: Binoculars & Scopes Field & Stream’s editors put 14 new scopes and 13 new binoculars (more than ever before) to a grueling four-day test to figure out which will give you the best—and more affordable—view this fall. Never before have so many mid-to-low priced binocs competed so closely with the top-shelf stuff; As for scopes, it’s all about tubes, turrets and hyperaccuracy. Page 69