New York, NY— The November issue of Field & Stream is on newsstands and the iPad now

The Best Days of The Rut Check out fifty excellent tips for hunting every phase of the breeding season (including 2017’s must-hunt dates), plus what you can expect to see once you’re there. This guide has practical pointers you can use every day from now until December, like what body language to look for in bucks, when to head to the water, and the perfect day to set up that doe decoy. Page 37

The World’s Greatest Stag Party In an age of digital deer check-ins and Facebook brag boards, the old tradition of gathering—in person—to admire the opening-day bounty lives on in Indian River, Michigan (population 2,000). Here, everyone knows where to find fellow hunters and celebrate their good fortune: at the Buck Pole. Page 52

The Vanishing Last October, a father and son set out into the Oregon wilderness, stalking blacktail deer. After they split up, only one of them made it out of the woods. This is the harrowing story of what happens when a hunter disappears. Page 64

The Tagged-Out Deer Hunter’s Guide to Fall So you already have a stockpile of fresh venison (nice work, by the way), but hunting season is far from over—and we’re betting there’s still room left in your freezer. The mixed-bag tips Field & Stream has collected here will keep you busy, and having fun, all fall. Page 59

No Small Matter Don’t wait too long before you hit the squirrel woods, or you might miss out on one of fall’s biggest thrills. When the acorns are still on the ground, squirrels race back and forth, cheeks and paws full of nuts, stashing them in tree hollows and fallen branches and right out in the middle of the woods – you know, you’ve stared down at them from your tree stand. Here’s why you can’t put squirrel hunting on the back burner. Page 20

The Wild Chef: Braised & Smoked Boar Ribs This is how Daniel Weinstock, co-founder of Los Angeles’ Maple Block Meat Co., wrestles wild boar ribs into deliciousness: He smoke-braises them in a mixture of beer, rib rub, and mustard barbecue sauce for a tenderizing simmer, then finishes the ribs over smoke with the reduced braising liquid served alongside. These are served with a killer molasses and beer sauce, in case you’re not already sold. Page 25

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