New York, NY – The December/January 2018 issue of Field & Stream is on newsstands and the iPad now

One Giant Buck These hunters risked eating their tags, sat in the same stands for hundreds of hours, and put their jobs and families on hold—all for that one deer. Their epic tales of obsessive big-buck quests will teach you how to bag your own white whale of a deer—and how not to lose your sanity in the process. Page 37

Marsh Madness Following the rains of Hurricane Irma in September 2017, the US Army Corps of Engineers began discharging billions of gallons of highly polluted water from Lake Okeechobee into the South Florida rivers to prevent the flooding of agricultural land to the south, while poisoning some of the world’s richest fish habitat—and this was hardly a first. Fishermen have proposed a way to restore the Everglades and South Florida rivers, but will their idea ever become a reality? Page 24

So You Want to Kill a World-Record Whitetail? Are you ready for the sudden fame, social-media backlash, and crazed animal-rights crowd? Stephen Tucker says it’s all totally worth it. Here’s the untold story of how the Tennessee farmer’s life changed after tagging the largest hunter-killed whitetail buck ever: a 312-inch colossus. Page 60

Ghosts of Africa For his final safari, David E. Petzal stalked an animal he has long been fascinated by: the Cape buffalo. He was very big, even for a Cape buffalo (around 1,800 pounds), and very old (around 12 years) and very smart. But he was condemned to death by his hooves, which were also huge and which left an unmistakable track in the sandy soil of the Zimbabwean Lowveld. Page 78

The Perfect Feather If you’ve ever caught a fish on a fly, there’s a good chance the hackle wrapped around the hook came from a Colorado chicken barn where a humble, but brilliant, geneticist creates the most sought-after feathers for fly-tiers around the world. From wild patterns and colors to their freakish shapes and lengths, Tom Whiting’s feathers are unlike anything you’d see on a chicken farm. Page 48

A Buck for All Seasons What was supposed to be a one-time deer hunt in the Nebraska Sandhills turned into a years-long campaign (with three trips to Nebraska) that finally ended last December, with the whitetail of a lifetime. Field & Stream’s Editor in Chief Colin Kearns describes the entire journey, including a hunt during archery season and one during muzzleloader season. Page 55

The Dredge Junkie When someone says “flyfishing,” what pops into your head? If the answer is the delicate sip of a rising trout, the perfect drift over a soft seam, or total relaxation, Fishing Editor Joe Cermele would call you normal. Then there’s Cermele. How one angler’s addiction to getting meat streamers down for the count can help you score huge fish on the fly. Page 66