New York, NY – The summer 2018 issue of Field & Stream is on newsstands now

Explore New Waters From the mountains to the prairies to…New Jersey, Field & Stream found the 50 hottest lakes, rivers and streams in the country—almost every state is represented. To get the most up-to-date skinny on which bodies of water are trending now, Field & Stream reached out to biologists, conservation officers, guides, pros, and local sharpies in every state. Pack your tackle and hit the highway.

Fry Up a Spectacular Mess No getting around it—frying food is a labor-intensive and messy affair. But deep fried food is so good, it’s sinful, and because nothing says summer like a corn dog and a root beer. We know it’s been a few months since hunting season, but we’re guessing you can find a couple of wild-card packages in your freezer that’ll work with at least one of the recipes featured here, brought to you by Jean-Paul Bourgeois. If not, you just might have to do some grocery shopping on the bullfrog swamp and catfish pond.

Go To Bear Camp In British Columbia, the “spring” bear season extends into the middle of June, and it’s just about the most thrilling start to summer that you can imagine. Editor-in-Chief Colin Kearns recounts his incredible experience on a June hunt. Opportunities to hunt in the summer months are rare, especially for big game, so when he got that chance, he felt a little like he was getting away with something.

Today’s Special: Catfish “Sausage” Chef Robert Phalen, at Atlanta’s acclaimed One Eared Stag restaurant, makes this citrusy, herbal, head-turning “sausage” with catfish, but it’s a fresh and terrific vehicle for other freshwater gamefish like bass or walleye. Don’t let the sausage-making component scare you off; after a simple pass through the meat grinder, this dish couldn’t be easier, especially with a Sauvignon Blanc, an unoaked chardonnay, or a lemony pilsner.

Get Snake Bit The snakehead: a despised invasive species, and also the object of Fishing Editor Joe Cermele’s summer-long obsession. He endured months of stinging nettle and briars as he macheted his way into all manner of bogs, creeks, and backwaters. Once he finally got in place, only occasionally would a wake race toward his frog, skyrocketing his pulse, and a northern snakehead thrash the bait, making the whole kerfuffle worth it, stinging nettles and all.

2018 Hunting Gear Guide This time of year, you are no doubt checking on food plots and repositioning trail cameras around your stands. Field & Stream editors have been busy as well, checking out new gear that can help make you a better hunter this fall. Whether it’s big stuff, like a new rifle or scope, or small stuff, such as new boots and bow sites, we have you covered.