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American Icons Public lands are the greatest gift to American outdoorsmen. With the future of some of these places uncertain, the strongest case to be made for keeping them public is simply to use them, enjoy them, and share your experience with others. Here are 5 perfect places to start.

  • A Place to Escape The paddling, camping, and fishing at Minnesota’s Boundary Waters are legendary, and if you’re game to portage through the pain, you can get a spot all to yourself.
  • The Native Bird Even when conditions are brutally hot and flushes are sparse, a sharptail hunt in Central Montana managed by the federal Bureau of Land Management is a total rush.
  • A Stand in the Valley An archery hunt in the riverbottoms of West Tennessee’s Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge proves there’s tremendous public deer hunting for anyone willing to work for it.
  • Hills to Die On Durfee Hills’ hunting grounds in Central Montana are not easy to access, but once you’re there, you’ll enjoy some of the greatest public-land elk hunting in the country.
  • Breaking the Ice A duck hunt in Upstate New York’s Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge gets off to a cold, slow start before things really heat up.

Made in the U.S.A. Field & Stream celebrates 35 iconic outdoor gear items that are still made right here, by our fellow countrymen, and perform as well as they ever did. From Bean Boots to classic camo patterns to that ubiquitous Buffalo wool shirt, here’s the outdoor gear Field & Stream has been wearing and using for a long, long time.

The Wise Guys You’ve been watching them on TV for decades. You’ve been reading about their techniques since you were a kid. Now we’ve asked them—some of the most respected outdoor legends in America—to pass on the one piece of hunting and fishing wisdom that will make you a more skilled outdoorsman this season and for years to come.

The Wild Chef: Wild Game and Beer Pâté For centuries, pâtés have been one of the greatest vehicles for wild game. But making one has tended to be a laborious task, with ingredient lists as long as a shotgun barrel. This recipe (from Boston chef Jamie Bissonnette) minimizes the labor and ingredient list without sacrificing any of the flavor.

2018 Fishing Gear Guide We’ve come a long way from the cane pole and bobber. So, too, have the manufacturers of fishing gear. Here are 24 products and 25 lures designed to help you make the most of your days on the water. Maybe most important, each one bears the stamp of approval from the Field & Stream editor who tested it where it counts.