New York, NY — The August issue of Field & Stream is on newsstands and the iPad now.

Field & Stream’s Ultimate Guide to Hunting Rifles Readers always ask, “What would Petzal shoot?” Here’s your answer. These are the rifles that work for him, and that will work for you. And because man cannot hunt with gun alone, he’s also provided specific cartridge and scope recommendations, by species— 16 North American species, that is—that will have you chasing everything from prairie dogs to grizzlies. Page 35

The Wild Chef: Thin-Pounded Venison Stakes Pounding venison very thin, then searing it on a hot grill, renders meat that is butter-tender with a subtle edge of char, and with flavors heightened by a bath in garlic-and-rosemary-specked olive oil. This grilled meal will be ready for chow time in no time flat, and it pairs great with an earthy red, says Luca Paschina, outdoorsman and winemaker at Virginia’s acclaimed Barboursville Vineyards. Page 20

Slab Work It’s no secret that on hot late-summer afternoons, bites from most freshwater species come few and far between. Largemouths, smallies, and trout often turn sluggish, which can make for a maddening day on the water. But that’s when bluegills can save the day. With a little creativity and savvy, you can coerce these little fighters to open up—and score a full stringer in the process. Field & Stream found out how three pros make it happen during the final, blistering weeks of summer. Page 24

No Pain, No Game Bow season begins in a few short weeks. Are you in shooting shape? Field & Stream asked Levi Morgan (11-time 3D World Champion) and Chance Beaubouef (2009 Indoor World Champion), two of the country’s best pro archers and both serious bowhunters, to tailor this four-week range workout training program to get you ready for the opener. Page 57

Field Test: Bow Shootout 2017 Field & Stream put the year’s new flagship compound bows and crossbows to the test in an annual four-day grudge match. For compound bows, editors looked for speed, bow noise, accuracy and forgiveness; all the while evaluating draw cycle, shock and vibration, balance and handling, and fit and finish. For the crossbow test, they judged for accuracy, speed and energy, noise, handling, fit and finish, trigger pull, cocking effort, and safety. Then they chose the top ten in each category. As always with this test, there was a lot of shooting, measuring, taking notes, crunching numbers, and arguing. Lots of arguing. Here’s how it shook out. Page 69

Hot Bronze Summer can be cruel to devout trout fisherman. If drought has turned your usual flyfishing spot into something more like a rock garden, don’t fret—there could be smallmouth nearby. An old pair of wading boots, a few choice flies, and a couple of tweaks to your usual trout presentations are all it takes to light up a smallmouth stream during the dog days. Page 51