IRVINE, CA – Issue 2 of the newly redesigned Cycle World is on newsstands now.

Left Makes Bright

Cycle World rides the Indian Scout FTR1200 Custom, the street-tracker we’ve been dreaming of. If dreams and glory are what you’re after, this is the bike for you. Why do we love the FTR1200? It gives us something to strive for, like seeing a picture of a world-class athlete moving with intent in their prime. Even if this bike wasn’t built for racing and it’s assembled around a cruiser engine, the beautiful powerplant is strong visually and mechanically, and is only augmented by the lean nature of the rest of the bike.

Dan Gurney: An American Life

Dan Gurney—champion racecar driver, vehicle engineer, motorcyclist, and racing-car builder—died this year at age 86. He came to greatness at a time when American industry, innovation, and power were peaking. In recent decades, he could be found at speed on SoCal’s “racer roads,” enjoying the series of ever-improving feet-first bikes his shop engineered and built under the name Alligator. His life and career were a long series of successes that unlocked further opportunity, and teach us that it’s essential to have many interests and the energy to pursue them.

The King Slayer

Dirt-track racing—on mile and half-mile ovals plus TT—is uniquely American. It comes to us from the earliest days of motoring, when the horse tracks of county fairgrounds were the natural place to race motorcycles from Harley-Davison, Indian, Reading-Standard, and others. Dirt track racing survived competition from the super-fast and dangerous banked board tracks of 1910 to 1925, and it is having a resurgence today. 

The White Arrow

To the casual observer, Husqvarna is an off-road brand, and always has been. The Swedish marque was in the vanguard of motocross in the 1960s, and will forever be associated with legends like Bud Edkins and Malcolm Smith, but Husqvarna’s history is far more extensive and varied. It is one of the oldest companies in the world, founded as an arms manufacturer in 1689. Husky made muskets, sewing machines and bicycles before it produced its first motor-driven cycle in 1903 (the same year Harley opened up shop). So, when Husqvarna brass recently ordered up a streetbike that would satisfy the neo-retro aesthetic millennials crave, while adhering to the company’s tradition of performance and innovation, the design team had more heritage to work with than most people probably realize.