NEW YORK — The Dec/Jan issue of Popular Science is on newsstands and the iPad on December 19th Can We Outlaw Fossil Fuels? Hawaii is trying, and they want to get it done by 2045. Is it smart—or crazy stupid—to rely solely on wind, solar and hydro? The challenges are many, but Elemental Excelerator, a […]

Popular Science Launches Redesigned Website

New York, NY — Popular Science today launched a redesigned PopSci.com, featuring a new look emphasizing readability, speed, and user-friendly navigation, it was announced today by Amy Schellenbaum, Popular Science’s online director. This is the brand’s first web redesign since 2014, and the team is particularly excited that the clean new layout beautifully showcases relevant stories of the day. “The new PopSci.com reflects […]

Popular Science Sees Record Traffic and Newsstand Sales

New York, NY — Popular Science continued to expand its considerable audience reach in June, with an average monthly audience growth of 38% and an increase in unique visitors to PopSci.com of 32% year over year for June. This milestone comes on the heels of Popular Science’s March/April “Water” issue’s star performance on newsstands at 38.3% […]

Popular Science: The Weird Weather Issue

New York, NY — The July/August issue of Popular Science is on newsstands and the iPad now. We Can’t Stop Breaking Heat Records 2016 was our planet’s hottest year since humans began keeping records, with average global surface temperatures spiking to 58.69 degrees Fahrenheit—1.69 degrees warmer than the 20th-century average. It might not sound like […]