Popular Science wins a National Magazine Award

On March 14, Popular Science won a National Magazine Award in the Single-Topic Issue category for “The Tiny Issue.” Popular Science was nominated for two 2019 National Magazine Awards, receiving its other nomination for General Excellence in the Literature, Science and Politics category. Additionally, this is the second year in a row that Popular Science […]

How We’ll Move—The Spring 2019 issue of Popular Science is on newsstands now.

GETTING THERE Public transportation is great—if you have access to it. In many cities, the people who would benefit most from the public-transit improvements—people with lower incomes, minorities, residents with disabilities, the elderly—often have difficulty accessing it. Cities are now starting to think about how to help people with the first and last miles of […]

The Best of What’s New 2018

November 27 — Popular Science is proud to announce the 2018 “Best of What’s New” winners, the top 100 breakthrough products and technologies that represent significant advancements in their categories. Now in its 31st edition, the Best of What’s New Awards celebrates the creative and innovative items that are changing the technology landscape and advancing […]

The Most Dangerous Issue of Popular Science is on newsstands now

“Somehow, though, natural threats aren’t enough for us: We actively quest for dangerous situations—seeking out that choice adrenaline buzz. We humans—the ones behind this magazine, anyway—sure are fascinated by it. So we decided to go long on danger: more than 100 pages designed to get your blood pumping. Enjoy!” —Editor-in-Chief, Popular Science, Joe Brown Food […]

NSF, Popular Science announce this year’s Vizzies winners

  The Vizzies Challenge recognizes effective visualizations from science and engineering Today, Popular Science magazine and the National Science Foundation (NSF) announce the winners of the 16th Annual Vizzies Challenge, celebrating the use of visual media to artfully and clearly communicate scientific data, principles, and research. The competition recognizes the best visualizations of all types, including photographs, […]

How Popular Science is shedding its male-geek image

By Lucia Moses, Digiday Popular Science has a long tradition, coming up on 150 years, and a largely male one. But over the past year and a half, it’s made significant gains in its female readership. Today, half its online readership is female, double what it was a year and a half ago, per the […]


NEW YORK, NY– The summer 2018 issue of Popular Science is on newsstands and the iPad now. Future Hand-Me-Downs Technology doesn’t age gracefully. Bricked phones and crapped-out hard drives retire to your junk drawer only a few years after emerging from their shrink wrap. A precious few of our worldly wants, however, do improve with time […]


NEW YORK, NY– The spring 2018 issue of Popular Science is on newsstands and the iPad now The Gray Area of Brain Training Can exercising the mind improve our abilities, or is it just another self-improvement fantasy? Through mental workouts, the thinking goes, we can recover from a deficit or injury, stave off decline as […]