The Spring 2020 issue of Outdoor Life is available now.

Wild Rivers—“That’s what’s so appealing about fishing and hunting the smallest streams and biggest rivers. You can reap the rewards only after putting in the time. Rivers are always changing. They act more like living organisms than static landmarks…. To be successful on these waters, and near them, you must learn to read their habits […]


BONNIER CORP. SIGNS NEW LICENSEE  FOR OUTDOOR LIFE BRAND April 28, 2020 (New York, NY)—Bonnier Corp. continues to expand its Outdoor Life licensing program and has partnered with Tidy Dog Pet Products, a leading pet product manufacturer, to produce natural jerky dog treats, Elise Contarsy, senior vice president of Bonnier Consumer Products, announced today. The […]

The Winter 2020 issue of Outdoor Life is on newsstands now

The Wilderness Issue—“I like to think of wilderness as any place where you can escape cellphone service, traffic noise, and other people altogether. Wilderness should also scare you a little. There, stupid mistakes are amplified. The freedom to live in the moment—not the glow of your social media feed, but the real life-and-death, bloody-hands, muddy-boots […]


New York, NY (September 4, 2019) —  Andrew McKean has been named Outdoor Life’s Hunting Editor, it was announced today by Editor-in-Chief Alex Robinson. His appointment is effective immediately.  McKean most recently served as a contributing writer and Editor-at-Large for Outdoor Life, as well as the Brand Director at Powderhook, a hunting and fishing app. […]

The Summer 2019 issue of Outdoor Life is on newsstands now.

“These stories are all about Type II fun: The experience itself might not be comfortable, or even all that enjoyable, but it creates moments and memories that last a lifetime. You don’t get Type II fun while lounging on the beach, or by drinking beers and getting sunburned on your neighbor’s pontoon. You earn it […]

The Spring 2019 Issue of Outdoor Life Is on Newsstands Now

“Bringing new people into the fold is important to secure hunters’ roles as wildlife managers. It’s important to fund critical conservation work. But most of all, these pursuits are special, and introducing someone to this way of life is not only important, it’s fun.” —Anthony Licata, Editorial Director   ROOKIE SEASON If you read this […]

The Adventure Issue of Outdoor Life  is on newsstands now.

“At their heart, these pursuits connect you with the wild. [Adventures] take you out of the day-to-day life of modern conveniences and put you in nature, challenging you to meet animals on their terms. These adventures are elemental, primitive, and, most important of all in these days of constant digital connection, real.”—Anthony Licata, Group Editorial […]

Outdoor Life – Fall 2018

New York, NY The Fall 2018 Issue of Outdoor Life is on newsstands now Wild America  Load your pack and get ready to make the most of America’s 640 million acres of federal public lands. An unparalleled, extensive exploration into how to unlock all of the fantastic and affordable hunting opportunities that our public lands […]