Orlando, Fla. ― Bonnier Corp. recently purchased Learnwake.com, it was announced today by Matt Hickman, Vice President of Brand Strategies.  Learnwake.com is the authority in wakeboarding instructional content. How-to videos, beginner through advanced tricks, tips and much more comprise the esteemed industry website as the best in the business.


“Mike (McLin), my business partner, and I are really excited that WAKEBOARDING, who has longevity and a strong reputation in the industry, is taking over something that we really have a passion for,” said Kyle Schmidt, co-owner of Learnwake.com. “WAKEBOARDING can grow the website into something tremendous with the reach and man power currently in place, producing a lot of great content for the riders and much more.”


“This strategic acquisition reinforces WAKEBOARDING‘s focus on high-value audience,” said Hickman. “The brand will integrate Learnwake.com to further identify, surface and activate graduating enthusiasts committed to progressing and supporting their wake lifestyle. We now have another tool to reach the right customer group at the optimal time, allowing us to target a set of individuals to produce a desired outcome for our marketing partners.”


This fall the WAKEBOARDING brand will be producing additional video content to the Learnwake platform as it ramps up all the benefits to being a Learnwake member.


Ben Greenwood, Account Manager for WAKEBOARDING and WATERSKI, added, “Learnwake has long been the online destination for riders who are hungry for progression.  The sheer amount of world-class instructional content archived over the years is mind blowing to say the least and we aim to build off of the amazing foundation that Learnwake has set by continuously adding fresh, new instructional content in all aspects of wakeboarding.”


For more information on WAKEBOARDING, visit wakeboardingmag.com.


About Learnwake.com
Co-founded by professional wakeboarding riders Kyle Schmidt and Mike McLin, Learnwake is the top website for wake instruction. Initially a DVD series called “The Books,” Learnwake followed the digital movement and turned the disc sets into an instructional site to help out all wake enthusiasts.


WAKEBOARDING is the world leader in wake-sports media by providing the best product reviews, how-to instruction, insider knowledge and high​-​quality imagery. WAKEBOARDINGreaches every type of rider out there with a diverse, multiplatform content-delivery method from print magazines and digital content, to social media users and more. For more information, check out wakeboardingmag.com.