New York, N.Y. — Bonnier Corp. brands have seen a great awards season so far, with several wins and nominations. Saveur took home three first-place International Association of Culinary Professionals Awards and is nominated for two James Beard Awards and four MIN’s Best of the Web Awards, including Digital Team of the Year.


Working Mother Media is also up for two MIN’s Best of the Web Awards, and was recently inducted into the FAME Hall of Fame at the Folio FAME Awards.


Bonnier Corp.’s sailing, boating and fishing brands won 10 out of 17 categories in the Boating Writers International (BWI) Awards. Scoring first-place honors were Cruising World (6), Boating (3) and Yachting (1). In all, Bonnier Corp. took home 15 BWI awards.


Bonnier Corp. is one of the largest consumer-publishing groups in the United States and is the leading media company serving passionate, highly engaged audiences, through magazines, events, digital media and leading-edge products.




International Association of Culinary Professionals Awards Winners


First Place

  • Instructional Culinary Writing — “The Star of Siam: Thai Curries” by Andy Ricker
  • Culinary Travel Writing — “Food I Dream Of” by Jean Anderson
  • Best Culinary Website


  • Personal Essays/Memoirs — “Hearts and Minds” by Felicia Campbell
  • Culinary Writing about Beverages — “Papa’s Favorite Poison” by Robert Simonson
  • Culinary Travel Writing — “Everlasting Feast: Food in the Republic of Georgia” by Karen Shimizu
  • Culinary Travel Writing — “Heart of Palestine” by Nancy Harmon Jenkins


MIN’s Best of the Web Awards Nominations

Winners announced on May 19

  • Digital Team of the Year
  • Video: Overall Use of Video
  • Video: Magazine Branded Show — Saveur Basics
  • Contest/Online Games — The Thanksgiving Menu Generator


James Beard Awards Nominations

Winners announced on May 5

  • Cooking, Recipes, or Instruction — “The Star of Siam: Thai Curries” by Andy Ricker
  • Writing and Literature — “A Fork in the Road: Tales of Food, Pleasure and Discovery on the Road” edited by James Oseland (Lonely Planet)




MIN’s Best of the Web Awards Nominations

Winners announced on May 19

  • Integration with Print — National Flex Day
  • Use of Infographics


Folio FAME Awards Winner

  • Hall of FAME — Working Mother 100 Best Companies




Boating Columns

  • First place — “Osprey’s Flight” by Wendy Mitman Clarke (Cruising World)

In this category, entrants are required to submit three related columns for judging. Of the first-place work, judge Marty LeGrand said, “In beautiful, honest prose, this columnist opens her soul to share with lucky readers the joys, doubts and complexities of cruising family life.”


Boating Lifestyles

  • First place — “The Best Days of Our Lives” by Peter Nichols (Cruising World, February)
  • Second place — “A Crocker Comes Home” by Elaine Lembo (Cruising World, April)

“Best Days” “is a well-written story that skillfully combines an experienced sailor’s perspective with the fresh outlook of a child’s eyes. It weaves in helpful cruising information on the destination and shares the emotions of both father and son during the trip,” said judge Kelly Flory.

  • Merit Awards
    • “Warning: Side Effects May Include …” by Jim Welch (Cruising World, October)
    • “Routes to the Sailing Life” by Michael Robertson (Cruising World, May)


Boating Profiles

  • First place — “My God, They’re Eating in There” by Gary Goodlander (Cruising World, June)

“Goodlander’s piece is an engaging read with real personality; it goes beyond a simple recitation of facts and anecdotes to capture a lifetime in sailing — a spirited portrait,” said judge Tom Pamperin.



Boating Travel or Destinations

  • Second place — “Islands in Between” by Ben Zartman (Cruising World, November)
  • Merit Award
    • “Entry by Sea” by Wendy Mitman Clarke (Cruising World, September)


Boating Adventures

  • First place — “Answering a Cold Call” by Ben Yeager (Cruising World, November)
  • Second place — “The Lee of Icaria” by John Kretschmer (Cruising World, December)

Of “Cold Call,” judge Pete McDonald said, “The author captures the youthful post-college wanderlust that many of us have felt in a wonderful narrative, describing with humor and self-deprecation a sailing adventure most would not try. He invited us to experience the harsh winds, stunning ice and barren landscapes along the way.”

  • Merit Awards
    • “River Dance” by Jim Hendricks (Boating, March)
    • “A Milestone Atlantic Crossing” by Green Brett (Cruising World, June)


Boat/Engine Care and Maintenance

  • First place — “Diesel Diagnosis” by Pete McDonald (Boating, July)
  • Second place — “Anode Awareness” by Kevin Falvey (Boating, April)

Said judge Chris Landry, “McDonald effectively puts you there — in the classroom — and uses strong, active language to describe how the Diesel Doctor operates.”




  • Merit Award
    • “iPad Navigation Across an Ocean” by Tucker Bradford (Cruising World, July)



  • First place — “Great. White. Shark.” by Pete McDonald (Boating, November)

“McDonald tells an edge-of-your seat tale about catching the most feared behemoth of the ocean and how a crew goes about its fast-paced research of the amazing creature without harming it. The writing is clever, well-researched and action-packed,” judge Jennifer Chesak said.

  • Merit Award
    • “Invasion Force” by Jim Hendricks (Sport Fishing, March)


Boating Issues, News and Analysis

  • First place — “Greatest Show on Surf” by Herb McCormick (Cruising World, December)

Judge Gary Beckett said, “McCormick’s thoroughly well-written and researched story captures the flair and excitement of the topic, while also providing excellent background details that bring the subject into clearer context.”

  • Merit Award
    • “Starting Points” by Stuart Streuli (Sailing World, April)


Seamanship, Rescue & Safety

  • Merit Awards
    • “Near Disaster” by Michael Robertson (Cruising World, October)
    • “Fast Company” by Pete McDonald (Boating, May)


Technical Writing

  • First place — “The DaVinci Code” by Jim Hendricks (Boating, February)
  • Third place — “Decoding the Matrix” by Tim Murphy (Cruising World, July)

Judge Roger McAfee said of “DaVinci”: “Well researched, well organized and well written. It will be useful for many boaters.”



Boat Tests & Reviews

  • First place — “Queen of the North” by Patrick Sciacca (Yachting, August)

“Queen had a fresh lead, excellent detail, and a distinctive voice that brought me on board. Best of all, the wrap tied back to the lead and made me smile,” said judge Carol Cronin.

  • Merit Award
    • “A Wide Spectrum of Winning Designs” by Herb McCormick (Cruising World, January)


Boat Projects, Renovations & Retrofits

  • First place — “Payin’ the Piper” by Gary Goodlander (Cruising World, June)

“Goodlander employs humor, good description and a nice ending that makes the read worthwhile,” said judge Betsy Clayton.