May 29, 2019, New York, NY Bill Nye will co-host Popular Science’s flagship podcast, The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week. It was announced today by science editor and podcast host Rachel Feltman.

“You have had an interesting career full of weird stuff, so we thought that you would be the perfect guest to share some weird science with us,” Feltman said. Here is some of what Nye said:

  • “If you were hiking the Appalachian Trail, and there was a clown (murderous or not), you would probably notice him or her. But in New York, ‘Oh, a guy in a clown suit. Oh, a day at the office.’”  
  • “So, pigeon droppings led to the verification of the Big Bang.”
  • “What was the weirdest thing you learned on the show today, Bill?” “The idea that it’s an evolutionary advantage to tune out. I think that’s cool. And ‘bicycle face,’ with respect, that is so weird.”

Humorous and fun, as well as scientifically sound and thoroughly researched, on the Weirdest Thing, the editors of Popular Science share the most absurd science facts they’ve come across. For 30 minutes, the group discusses these fascinating factoids and stories, from the deadliest surgery ever to bears in ejector seats, and falcon sex hats to DIY mummification, en route to voting for the weirdest thing they learned that week.

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