Great Stories—Wild Friendships

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“You might have noticed something different about this issue the first time you picked it up. It’s got a bit more heft than usual, wouldn’t you say? That’s because it’s the first chapter in the newest volume of Field & Stream. And I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.” —Colin Kearns, Editor-in-Chief 


Even if the fishing trip is a bust, a journey to Rock Creek in eastern Kentucky can still leave an impression. Some of the best wingshooting in North America happens between February and April along the Missouri River, but you still need to know how to plan a trip like that. In Field & Stream’s opinion, there’s no better way to have a blast with friends than on a road trip that ends outdoors. And with spring break around the corner, there’s no better time to get some inspiration for your next road trip than right now. PLUS: The Road Warrior’s Travel Kit


During a DIY adventure this past winter, two buddies encountered ghosts, cowboys, aliens, and just enough ducks to keep things interesting. The road trip started out along the Rio Grande over the Captain Mountains before landing in New Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert for a day of spotting a dizzying array of duck species before making their way to Roswell alongside the Pecos River, through Smokey Bear Historical Park, and landing in the Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge to scramble for ducks and geese. “We didn’t come all this way just to kill ducks. We came to chase good memories,” Eddie Nickens says.


“Try to find a way to make everything you do easier. If it’s easier, you’ll do it.” “Bury the tip of your rod in the water before you start stripping.” Sometimes the smallest fishing advice from a good friend makes the biggest impact. So the editors of Field & Stream rounded up some of the best advice they’ve received from friends so you can pass it on to your friends.


From a Rhodesian Ridgeback from New Mexico to a beagle from Maine to a chocolate Lab from Louisiana, there are no better (or cuter) sidekicks than hunting dogs. Field & Stream profiled eight dynamic duos to illustrate the strong and beautiful bond between a pooch and its proud owner.


Whether you’re looking to upgrade your campsite, stay warm on the water, or get new equipment, Field & Stream has it covered. In the latest Field Test, the editors have selected the 42 best rods, reels, flies, lures, and accessories to help you make the most of this fishing season.

PLUS The 20 Best Lures of the Year; Goose Albondigas; Ice Fishing in Vermont; Bass Brothers; and more.