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It's a new era. TransWorld WAKEBOARDING, launched in September 2010, is a rebranded and upgraded version of Bonnier's original title, WakeBoarding, which was the sport's leading media brand since 1993. Readers are enjoying improvements including an oversized format, higher paper quality and gatefold covers. The TransWorld feel is prominent across all platforms, with even more emphasis on great photography, innovative layouts and wakeboarders' vibrant lifestyles. Expert boat analysis, quality instruction and how-tos remain important throughout the print magazine, at wakeboardingmag.com and in custom apps the team is creating.

Our mission is to lead, connect and inspire by enlisting the talents of the most experienced professionals in the industry across multiple media channels. TransWorld WAKEBOARDING's hip readers demand the latest in digital media delivery, as well as a quality magazine experience.

Key Personnel

Director of Brand Strategy: Rhonda Mock

Editor-in-Chief: Shawn Perry

Art Director: Mike Witt