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UsedBoats.com is an interactive Web listing service for boat buyers and sellers that is unique in the marine ecommerce world. Visitors experience a user-friendly design that fosters more engagement and more repeat visits.

UsedBoats.com is the only boats-for-sale site that is supported by Bonnier's boating, fishing and sailing magazines, enewsletters and websites. This means that the largest, most passionate audience in the marine industry is being driven and linked to UsedBoats.com every day.

In The News
UsedBoats.com Partners with ABLBoats.com to Create Centralized E-commerce Hub for Pre-Owned Boats

Winter Park, Fla. – Two leaders in used-boat advertising, Bonnier’s UsedBoats.com and ABLBoats.com, announced today their partnership to create a centralized e-commerce hub for pre-owned watercraft. The partnership will integrate the listing services of the two websites to form a larger online network for boat buyers and sellers.

Key Personnel

Group Publisher: Jamie Burris

Sales Manager:  Jeff Larson