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Sport Diver

Sport Diver is published for scuba enthusiasts who love to dive and travel the world to do so, providing content that empowers novices to progress and that energizes active divers to connect and explore. As the magazine of record for the sport of scuba diving, we cover the premier dive destinations around the globe with the best writing and photography in the dive publishing industry, celebrating every facet of the dive life and spurring divers to action both locally and abroad.
Sport Diver's mission is to inspire, entertain, inform and motivate divers to become and remain active members of the diving community; to reflect the face, pulse and soul of the sport; to give divers of all ages an identity; to define that identity through an emphasis on diving as the ultimate lifestyle; and to grow and solidify the community of divers and the world of diving from a position of strong leadership. At its core, the mission is: To Keep Divers Diving.

Sport Diver is the official publication of the PADI Diving Society.

Key Personnel
Publisher: Bonnie Borkin

Associate Publisher: David Benz
Editor-in-Chief: Patricia Wuest

Art Director: Elizabeth Fleener

Photo Editor: Carrie Garcia